The students of Xavier School of Economics are from a varied group, all very promising with high merit in their academic achievements, and majority of them being girls. From among this group several have achieved National & International achievements worth highlighting.

Summer Internship project:

Three students of the class, Ananya Parida, Ankita Choudhury & Amrita Choudhury have been selected for internship at Summer School of the London School of Economics in Computational Methods in Financial Mathematics.

Wege Prize, International Championship, 2018 :

The same three girls Ananya Parida, Ankita Choudhury & Amrita Choudhury are the Semifinalists of Wege Prize, International Championship, 2018 by Ferris State University, Michigan under the mentorship of Prof. Shovan Ray, Dean XSE.

Accomplished Odissi Dancer :

Ananya Parida is an accomplished Odissi Dancer and is a part of Padmashree Aruna Mohanty’s Dance troupe. She has performed in the National Conference on “Remembering Mahatma Gandhi: Compassion & Relevance for our times” organized by XUB on 31st January 2018.

SBI Vigilance awareness week award for debate:

Nayonika Chakraborty & Kavya Patnaik have won the 2nd and 3rd Prize for elocution competition organized by SBI during Vigilance awareness week.

Ankita Chaudhury:

• Semi finalists of Wege Prize 2018, international championship by Ferris State University,Michigan.
• Research Internship at London School of Economics.
• Hindustani Classical Music and Dance Graduate.
• 2nd Runner-up in Syllable Gig organised by Xavier's.

Nayonika Chakraborty:

• Sbi vigilance awareness week debate---2nd prize
• Syllable gig
A. Solo dance- 1st prize B. Solo singing- 2nd prize
• Xpressions
A. Classical dance competition-- special mention prize
B. Vaktritva---participation prize

• S.D.S.U program summit by Xavier School of Sustainablility---- Dance Performance
• Xurbia
A. Fashion show
• Xuhotsav
A. Solo dance B. Group dance

Kavya Patnaik:

• SBI vigilance awareness elocution 3rd prize
• Participation in XIMB, XUB MUN 2017
• HABITUX debate 1st prize

Amulya Sanivarapu ; Vedika Wangikar:

• Both of them participated in MUN at XIMB and received best first timer in MUN, Speak Up.
• Amulya participated as a dance performer in Syllable gig 2.0
• Amulya was the elocution participant in SBI Vigilance awareness week.
• Amulya was the Poem recitation & Fashion show participant in XURBIA.